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Eggshell membrane, mint and tomatoes – these are not ingredients for a star menu, but some of the natural sources from which our partners Eggnovo, Kemin and Lycored extract exceptional raw materials.

Manufacturers in the nutritional supplements industry can use the active ingredients available exclusively from STEFES Ingredients to develop functional products and stand out from the competition.


As the name suggests, Eggnovo is all about eggs. More precisely, around the eggshell membrane. This contains valuable ingredients such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

Eggshell membrane – a raw material with many talents

Through a patented process using only water and mechanical forces, our Spanish partner Eggnovo separates the eggshell membrane from the eggshell. The result is a versatile branded raw material:
  • Ovomet® – area of application: joints
  • Ovoderm® – application area: skin and hair, beauty inside-out
  • Ovopet® – food supplement for animals, area of application: joints and tendons


Sleep well and thus fit the next day – DailyZz™ can help with that. The Kemin product contains a special blend of mint and green tea extract and can actually do both. It supports sleep quality at night and higher performance the next day.

Ideal for gaming and e-sports

Two spearmint varieties grow in Iowa that have a particularly high concentration of rosmarinic acid. From their extract, Kemin produces the natural raw material Neumentix™. It is versatile and boosts the part of the brain responsible for memory, reaction and concentration.


The Israeli company specializes in carotenoids and vitamins and produces around 130 different raw materials. The portfolio includes beta-carotene, lutein and astaxanthin, as well as lycopene obtained from tomatoes. Lycored has even bred its own tomato variety with special properties for this purpose.

Environmentally conscious manufacturer with a thirst for research

Lycored is also innovative in the field of microencapsulation. Lycored meets its own high quality standards through very well documented production processes. The environment is also close to the heart of this sustainable raw materials manufacturer. For example, it relies on zero waste and resource-conserving water cycles.

Perfect for
new product ideas

Versatile in use and equipped with particularly valuable ingredients – our partner raw materials have precisely these properties. We will be happy to tell you how eggshell membrane powder, mint extract or tomato extract can be optimally used in dietary supplements, for example.