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Sanddorn - funktionelle Rohstoffe
Sanddorn - funktionelle Rohstoffe
Sanddorn - funktionelle Rohstoffe

raw materials

Plant extracts, fruit juice powders, vitamins and much more – STEFES Ingredients has a huge range of functional and health-promoting raw materials. Our portfolio includes more than 1000 active ingredients. We supply many products in organic quality.

The dietary supplement and food industry is constantly evolving – as experienced experts, we also have a good feel for new trends.

Plant extracts
and plant proteins

Milk thistle extract for liver protection, acerola for immune stimulation or lemon balm for calming – anyone looking for plant extracts for the production of food supplements will find an experienced partner in STEFES Ingredients. In addition to plant extracts in various extraction ratios, standardized for different active ingredients, we also offer plant powders.

Protein suppliers for food and dietary supplements

Plant-based proteins are an excellent alternative to proteins of animal origin. STEFES Ingredients supplies plant proteins in powder form. The range includes not only high-demand plant proteins such as pea protein, rice protein, hemp protein and chia protein, but also rarer products such as almond protein.

Fruit juice powder
and vegetable powder

Fruit juice powder and vegetable powder

Your company wants to make a healthy raspberry smoothie or a delicious spinach-based smoothie bowl? No problem, because STEFES Ingredients supplies you with the high-quality raw materials you need for this.

The alternative to fresh produce: Fruit and vegetables in powder form

Our portfolio includes fruit juice powders and fruit powders as well as vegetable powders. We are also happy to procure a large part of the functional raw materials for you in certified organic quality.

Green gold –
our organic raw materials

Doesn’t it get any greener? Or does it? The demand for organic products has been increasing for years. STEFES Ingredients has had organic certification since 2012. As a result, we were able to build up a large pool of suppliers early on and are now networked worldwide. We also source a large part of our organic raw materials from Europe.

Certified organic quality

Whether organic black peppercorn extract or organic sea buckthorn pulp oil – in addition to exotic products, you can also get commonly used products such as organic turmeric or organic acerola from us. All of course in best quality.

Vitamins, minerals
and amino acids

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids

From metabolism and the immune system to strong bones and healthy teeth – vitamins, minerals and amino acids are essential to life. If these are not available in sufficient quantities, such as vitamin D in winter, which the body produces itself through exposure to sunlight, dietary supplements can be helpful.

Vitamins and minerals from natural sources

Vitamins and minerals can be produced synthetically. For organic food supplements, vitamins and minerals may only come from natural sources of raw materials. Whether organic or conventional – STEFES Ingredients supplies you with high-quality raw materials.

Stevia - the low-calorie
alternative to sugar

Magnesium effervescent tablets, diet shakes for weight loss, or iced teas and chocolate – many beverages, foods, and even some dietary supplements call for a sweet touch.

It doesn’t have to be high-calorie sugar

With the plant-based sugar substitute stevia, STEFES Ingredients provides you with an alternative sweetener. We have years of experience in trading stevia raw materials. Your advantage: Stevia powder and stevia granules are part of our stock. So we can supply you at short notice. We are also happy to send you flavor samples.

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Probiotics and enzymes

There are also good bacteria. For example, those that settle in our intestines. They protect our immune system and help with digestion. If the balance is disturbed, probiotics can help. Bacterial cultures are also available from STEFES Ingredients according to customer requirements – in various compositions and concentrations.

Enzymes – small helpers with a big effect

We cannot live without enzymes. The complex protein molecules are involved in almost all metabolic processes. The so-called biocatalysts accelerate biochemical reactions. Enzymes occur naturally in many fruits – such as papain in papaya or bromelain in pineapple.

Algae powder
and mushroom powder

Algae powder and mushroom powder

Raw materials from water – macroalgae or microalgae? At STEFES Ingredients you can get both. Our assortment includes macroalgae such as bladderwrack or sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca). We also supply microalgae such as spirulina and chrorella in very good organic quality: directly from the controlled tank. We offer the carotenoid astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis) as powder, extract and oily suspension.

The variety of mushrooms

Cordyceps, Chaga and Reishi – these mushrooms do not end up on the plate because of their taste, but are used in traditional Chinese medicine, for example. We sell mushroom powders in conventionally tested quality, as organic goods as well as in different extraction ratios.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid

Collagen for beauty inside-out products is usually of animal origin. Eggnovo’s eggshell membrane products offer a vegetarian alternative. Ovoderm® and Ovomet®, for example, contain a high proportion of structure-giving multi-collagen type I, type V and type X.

Two in an egg – collagen and hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is also a component of the eggshell membrane. The fine egg membrane thus has two ingredients that our body also produces itself. However, the body’s own production decreases with increasing age. As an alternative to vegetarian hyaluronic acid from eggshell membrane, we can also offer vegan hyaluronic acid produced by fermentation with the help of fungi.


What is this actually? These are raw materials that cannot be assigned to any common category. Because these rare treasures have very special ingredients, their use is so interesting for manufacturers in the dietary supplement industry. Three examples:

  • Colostrum – the first milk of the cow or mare is rich in immunoglobulins
  • Propolis – the bee resin has an antibacterial effect
  • Phosphatidylserine – important component of cell membranes, especially active in the brain

We are experts in exotics

STEFES Ingredients not only knows many “secret” raw materials, but also their suppliers. In addition, our partners Eggnovo, Kemin and Lycored are proven specialists for specialties. Discover our partner products!

We will gladly advise you

Vitamin D or chickpea protein – as a manufacturer of dietary supplements and functional food, you know the functional ingredients. Only which quality is best suited for your new product? We are happy to share our expertise with you.